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To make these buttons work properly, you should download and install Excel sample business invoice Invoice Manager, the invoicing software and billing software based on Microsoft Excel, and the another has a group of command buttons on the top of the invoice form, like Customers, Invoices, Settings, Reports. An invoice is basically a receipt or a bill or simply a statement that indicates that your customer or client owes you money for services that you have rendered, as you already knew. So with this service invoice template, you create an invoice as usual, and the payment slip attached to the bottom of the invoice form will be filled in automatically for you. The recommended way to send this invoice to a customer is to first convert the invoice worksheet to a PDF file and then email the PDF file. Including only the most critical elements of an invoice, this basic invoice provides an extremely simple design.

Leaving space for you to add a payment slip, the invoice template designed for web hosting service business uses only a few lines on the invoice body. Most contents on the payment slip are static text labels, such as your company name, account, etc, and it also has content from the invoice, such as the amount to pay, retrieved by using Excel formula. And also how to learn and understand a complex formula by using Excel's Evaluate Formula tool, the document includes brief description about the formulas used. One is pure Excel file that can be used without the installation of Excel Invoice Manager, there are two templates offered on this document. It might be a good sample on how to customize the invoice template to implement new features you required, while the technique described in the document is not so significance for most Excel Invoice Manager users.